When I opened my studio I knew I wanted it to be a space where my clients could unapologetically be themselves. PERIOD! We decided to celebrate that vision with a free boudoir event at the end of October. Opening the doors up to those who were curious about what a boudoir session was like, who I was and to cheer one another on. Ten amazing women stepped in front of my camera, cheered one another on and were unapologetically BADASS!

Here’s a look at that amazing event!

I have to give the biggest shout out to Amy Thies of Amy Thies Photography! She has always been a cheerleader of mine, and she took the time to come in for this even! Capturing these amazing behind the scene moments!

This event made my heart skip a beat and I seriously haven’t been abled to stop smiling since. I love that my brand is about empowerment, love, confidence and that boudoir is for everyBODY!

So you’re asking when is the next event? You will just have to stay tuned to Boudoir by Eve for first dibs at the next free boudoir event!

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