So you want to book a boudoir session with Boudoir by Eve. First of all, HELL YES! Second, don’t hesitate and hit that book now button. Boudoir by Eve is the premier Twin Cities boudoir studio that welcomes EVERYONE. My brand is all about empowerment, body love and owning your sexuality like a bad ass. There are a lot of questions you have for me, I know. That is why I am sharing this 5 VIP details with you right now!


Professional Hair and Makeup! Every session booked with Boudoir by Eve includes the most amazing pampering session. I believe that you are beautiful no matter what, but makeup is an art form that enhances your session. The hair and makeup process is by far the longest part of the session, however, I do this on purpose! I am also the makeup artist for my studio and this process allows you to get to know me better and vice versa. I always tell my clients we are going to get close, knock down some walls and become amazing friends.


Let’s talk what to wear! When I first started shooting boudoir one of the biggest fears I experienced with my clients was what to shop for, bring and wear at their sessions. So I wrote down a goal and brought it to life. The studio has amazing Boudoir closet with size options from XXS to 6XL. If you have nothing to wear, or bring to your session do not panic. Just come to your session ready to be pampered and leave feeling like a bad ass queen. I will style every outfit you put on, I never want you to feel alone in this process. Another fact, boudoir does not equal “I must wear lingerie only!” I want you to wear items that you feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered in. Sexy is my last thought. From jeans to a lacy body suit, you can wear what you what makes you feel amazing.


At my studio boudoir is for EVERYBODY! Seriously, I want every single client that walks through the studio doors to feel welcome. I don’t care what you do for a living, who you are married too, your sexuality, color of your skin, the list goes on. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! My brand from day one was about changing the world. I want every single client to leave feeling empowered, loving their body, themselves and above all a bad ass!

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Let’s get flexible! I am seriously an awful person, but I never ever really warn clients about how much of a work out your boudoir session will be. So here is your warning! The week of your session I always say drink plenty of water, but it is also a good idea to stretch your body leading up to your session. Your session will involve lots of arching, holding poses and moving back and fourth between bed, floor and wall. What an amazing way to work up a sweat, right!


Anything is possible! Boudoir is not limited to lingerie and a bed. Boudoir is about creativity, imagination, empowerment and above all having fun. If you dream it, I can make it come to life. Paint, Glitter, Smoke Bombs and an insane wardrobe is just the beginning. I love stepping outside of the box and making your visions come to life. So when your imagining your boudoir session, don’t hesitate to ask if you can do something wild and out of this world!

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