i want every client I work with to have a unique one of a kind boudoir experience. you can get your picture taken anywhere, but                   you won't get this experience anywhere else.                           -Eve


Your boudoir session is all about you, specially tailored to bring out your individual beauty. I want you to enter your session unafraid, ready and above all excited! From the moment you contact me, the experience starts. I will always be there to guide you, answer any questions and above all bring out the confidnece that I know you own! 

Your Beauty Entourage

Your beauty entourage begins with custom styling by me, including a private shopping excursion, lingerie fitting and a lingerie guide. The day of your session, you will meet your professional hair and make-up artist, who will put those beautiful finishing touches on your style. Next, you will meet my assistants that help us during your session so that everything flows as beautifully as possible. Rest assured that your entourage is an amazing, fierce group of women. Working in an all female environment is what is most comfortable for me and I hope it makes you feel comfortable too. Please let us know if there is something special your beauty entourage can do to make your experience perfect.


Your session

I strive to make every session I shoot unique and above all YOU. From couples, to lifestyle sessions in your own home, to outdoor avant guarde, if you can dream it, I will make it come true! I want your session to be a no holds bar, emotional, stimulating experience. So many times we aim to take the perfect pretty picture; that isn't what I do. If you are looking to invest in a session that brings out everything you truly are, now is the time to treat yourself and call me!