Eve did an amazing job with both of my boudoir sessions. The first session I had was very nerve wreaking but she made me feel very comfortable and I had a blast. The second session was a little crazier then, but still felt great and had a wonderful time. The best part about my photos is that they make me feel great about myself!!! I have never seen myself as gorgeous as the photos turned out and now can truly love how I look! I recommend Eve to anyone and everyone. The photo sessions are something I will never forget! -Amanda Z.

Eve you are a rockstar!!! Having my first shoot with you I was beyond nervous when I walked in the door, but you make everything go away. I felt so comfortable being able to stand out in the open and do exactly what needed to be done. All the laughs and jokes, it was a blast. Ive never let myself come out of my shell like I did that day, it was amazing to get dolled up and do something new and you made all that happen. When I felt like a pest for constantly asking you questions about my shoot, you always made me feel better and didn't care how much I messaged you. =) You definitely made me feel better about myself. Thank you for everything Eve. -Tosha B.

Eve, you are truly amazing at what you do. Getting to do my first ever boudoir session with you was the best experience, while my first was also with my Husband, I cannot wait to have you do another. I was so nervous, and had so many emotions running through my head as I don't like how I am in my body, and it's been a real struggle. I never knew I could feel so beautiful and feel so great as I did. It also helped my husband and I brighten up the spark between us again. You have a way of calming every bit of nervousness the second one sees you and let one just relax and have fun. You have amazing people skills and are so genuine, and never seem bothered by all the questions you get over and over. I will always recommend you to any of my girl friends to have a session done. Thank you for everything and I cannot wait to do more! -Megan M.

It's difficult not to brag about the experience you have during a session. I love the opportunity to being able to discuss what you're envisioning and Eve guide you with potential attire ideas, what type of props or location would match, down to the details of hair and make-up done. Eve turns the shoot into an remarkable moment caught in time. Going back to my first session; I was scared, nervous, very uncomfortable with my body image and did think there was a point to have images of this “hot mess”. With the help of a dear friend who for months told me I needed to experience a session once and was persistent, I made the choice to book as a present to my husband. I absolutely love going to Eve now! Every session you get a sense of excitement – no shoot is the same and you learn something new about yourself, I strongly believe. My body is unique and I'm learning to love it and these portraits display a side of me that I forgot I hard, not just physically but my personality shines too! I always tell others, the began these as a present but I continue because I feel an empowered….. and my husband really loves the treats he's surprised with! -Carrie H.