One of the best things about being a human being is our need for adventure and simple wanderlust. I love being the girl with the hashtag #havecamerawilltravel! This past April, I was shooting a wedding in Arizona and just knew I needed to shoot boudoir in the desert to make my artist soul feel full. 

The things you won't see in these images are the 4 hours of driving, looking, adventures...and so much more that got us to this amazing location. Could we tell you where it is....absolutely not, some where on the way to Vegas from Phoenix! We also had quite the audience, which honestly we don't mind. We are out to change how society see's our bodies, so instead of being shy and yelling don't look, we yell... WANT TO JOIN US!? 

I can't wait for future boudoir adventures, and the possibilities are limitless! 

Of course Samantha wasn't going to let me get away with not getting naked in the desert too...

Are you interested in destination boudoir? I am available for limited travel the rest of 2018, but do have openings for 2019! You can contact me at for more details!