As a boudoir photographer I am truly blessed to have some of the most amazing brand ambassadors! They fully understand what the Boudoir by Eve brand is, my mission and are fully behind my body revolution take over of the world! From the moment I met Hayley I just knew we were going to be amazing friends and she was the person I wanted to represent my brand. She is a tattoo artist based out of Fargo, North Dakota (Hayley Rose Ink) and basically my long lost weirdo sister. The moment she hit play on her playlist and Sugar High came on from Empire Records, that was it, she was stuck with me! 

All brand ambassadors get a their very own brand session to define who they are...but really it was going to take more than one with Hayley, and I fully was ready for the ride! Her first session was all about celebrating her body and rocking the hell out of my world!

Seriously, I couldn't believe that Hayley had never shot a boudoir session before, because she was a natural and I did not want to stop shooting! I told her we needed more!!! So for the next meet up we decided her tattoo studio and Shibari! If you are not familiar with the term "Shibari" it is Japanese, “Shibari” simply means “to tie”. The contemporary meaning of Shibari describes an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage.

Yes, a Shibari session is something I would love to capture again, however you are in charge of finding your own tying master, just like Hayley was! This session was just....STEAM! Could we really top this? Was there more to Hayley? Oh yes there was!

THIS LAST IMAGE! As a photographer, I take a lot of photographs....but this image set my brand on full steam ahead, and has been the sounding call to every once in awhile BLOW YOUR OWN DAMN MIND! Boudoir just isn't about a bed, being indoors, or even what you find on Pinterest! I want your session to be everything you could ever dream of. Every session is catered to each Boudoir by Eve client and I can't wait to see what you dream up!

Now, a love letter from Hayley:  

So as of now, I’ve done 3 sessions with Eva. My first one was my ambassador model shoot which was an average bedroom placed shoot. But after that shoot and seeing and feeling how unbelievably sexy and empowered I felt, I knew I wanted more of that “high.” Of course like just about anyone, I was nervous going in for the first one, but I knew that as a plus sized woman herself, Eva wasn’t going to let me leave there without some killer shots. The biggest qualm I had about doing a boudoir shoot in the first place was that I am a larger woman, and I know that my body will not pose in the same way very thin women will. But all of those concerns were dashed the moment I came in and started talking with Eva, doing hair and makeup, and picking outfits. I could tell just with how she was analyzing it all that she was tailoring it to match my body size and shape in the most flattering, sexy way possible. And that’s exactly what happened. I’ve never felt sexier, more domineering, or more comfortable in my own skin than I do in front of her lens. I joke that I have an alter ego that comes out just for shoots, because the rush of it all puts me in a totally different mindset about my body.  I remember telling Eva and everyone else I show the pictures how that “it doesn’t even look like me!!!”, but I knew it was and that I wanted more of it. I wanted to push my boundaries, and that’s exactly what we’ve done through a bondage session and also an avant garde session. Every single time, I leave feeling a million times better than the last one. Eva has helped me accept my body with all of its lumps and bumps, accept myself as a person with both the good and the bad, and has really helped drive home the ideal that I am more than enough, and I deserve the space I take up in the world just like anyone else. Even with the sessions aside, Eva has curated a group of loving, uplifting women, and honestly, taking the massive leap to undress in front of her lens will only make your personal growth even better than if you only stayed behind your computer screen.