Dear Rhi Rhi-

Yes, this is directly towards you, your company and those designing for you. You preach inclusivity but the reality is, it doesn't exist in your line. I am sick of hearing that I will have to wait for bigger sizes, or settle for pieces that don't flatter my body type. Rihanna, I am plus size and I deserve more than a damn baby doll! 

If your going to preach inclusivity then every piece in your line should be sized XXS-6X so that EVERYONE is included, this just isn't about me the curvy girl. I am a boudoir photographer, and to some it just means I take amazing pictures. However, I am therapist, friend, sister and healer. Women, men, everyone comes to me for an experience they can't get anywhere else, and a lot of the pain revolves around clothing. How many of us were teased for what we wore growing up? Or had a partner who would tell us we couldn't wear something.

I am here to tell you, and any potential client YOU CAN WEAR WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO WEAR!!!

For my clients the biggest struggle comes from shopping for their session, or even thinking about it. It shouldn't be like that. We should enjoy shopping for lingerie, it should be fun and there should be way more options. Your line should have changed the game, but instead it just left us all of hanging once again. I wear a bra size 46 L, in American sizing....what does this mean? I basically at the most have 5 bra styles I can choose from and the number of stores I can shop at is even less.  This needs to stop there is sizing past DD and DDD. We need to be included, and you had the most amazing opportunity to change it and you just let it slip through your fingers.

The baby doll lingerie style is literally one of the worst ones on the market. It doesn't flatter curves, it hides them. Why should we have to hide our curves? Our bodies? Please tell me why, because I am tired of hiding my body just because it isn't what society thinks it should be!

I am tired Rihanna, tired. I am 34 years old, and I can list to you the number of times I have visited a website or store just to find out they didn't actually carry my size. Could you image if the rolls were reversed, and society made it harder for those with "societal appropriate" bodies to shop? Everyone would be up in arms. You don't know how easy you have it until you only have 3 racks of clothing to choose from in a corner of a large department store.....looking at you Target! 

Next time you launch something, make it great, make it amazing, make it so EVERYONE is included. Do not make us wait for extended sizing, and make sure that sizing covers everyone, and it is something we want to wear!


A former customer.