From a very young age we hear, "You should do this to look like this". Or: "You would be so much prettier if you looked like this".

It is a society norm that needs to be BURNED to the ground. I am here to tell you that you are beautiful, smart, and so much more than society will ever see. You don't need to change, you don't need to dress a specific way, you don't need to diet or lose weight. It's time we pushed back on what society thinks is the 'right' body. There is no 'right' body, nor will there ever be. I see you; I see you commenting on my posts saying, "My body isn't right for boudoir", or, "I need to lose some weight, maybe next year". To you, my love, I want to give you a hug and breakdown all that bullshit in your mind that it is telling you that you can't do this, because you can.

I was at the studio this weekend after a shoot, and basically had enough. I stripped down, threw on a bralette, fishnets and set my camera to self timer. I have been a curvy girl most of my life, like I can't ever remember not having these boobs, thighs, tummy and booty. People constantly question my confidence and love of myself. My walls have been tested, I see you weight watchers, I see you on instagram following me with your wraps and beach body coaching. You are not welcome in my kingdom, and yes, I am a fierce queen who will protect it. I will also protect those who you prey on. Society norms are over, the age of body love, body positivity, and fat positivity are here! 

There is one other subject I want to address with my post, especially as a mom. I was a stay at home mom for 7+ years, I remember what it was like to feel I was drowning and that I wasn't important. It was easy for me to not take care of myself, spend the money on my kids, house or partner. Then one day, I was gifted a pedicure by my partner, and the rest is history. I realized how important it was to still take time for me, to be Eva and not just mom. A boudoir session is a one of a kind, luxury experience that YOU DESERVE. It is okay to spend the money on you! Do this for you! As Queen Eva would say, TREAT YO SELF!

This is me, messy hair, no makeup telling you that you can do this! The time is now my beautiful tribe! Tell Society to fuck themselves and get your ass in my studio!

Are you ready to tell society to your done! Book your session today!

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