As a boudoir photographer many times we feel like we are contained to a single room, bed, chair maybe even couch. The one thing I have learned over the years is to step outside the box. Try new things, challenge yourself and get an amazing partner to do it with you. When I first met Carrie, I can just remember how damn nervous she was, and she was so sure that the images would not turn out. She asked a million questions, and I was right there to answer every single one of them! From that very first session we have kept pushing the boundaries of boudoir and I love having her on my ambassador squad! 

We have had quite a few hotel adventures and we are always looking to push the posing, lighting and emotions. However, it wasn't until we decided to step outside did we really get vulnerable and the magic was unleashed. Of course this North Dakota girl was fully in when I asked her to step outside in sub-zero weather! It's all about the art!!!!

I totally promised her a summer shoot to warm her ass up after this frozen excursion! Of course mother nature can't play fair and we had to wait for the snow to melt, but once it did....

You don't have to be an ambassador to dream up an amazing shoot with me! Boudoir is so much more than a hotel room, bedroom or even my studio! I am a photographer, an artist. Looking to make you into your own fantastic piece of art that you will look back on for years to come! 

I won't keep going on and on about me and my art, because I want this to be about Carrie and what she has done for me. Seriously, it's you the client that inspire me, push me to go farther, and without you my art wouldn't be what it is today!

I will leave you with some amazing words from Carrie herself: 

Every time I leave a shoot; I feel strong, sexy and empowered! It would be almost impossible not to when Eve treats you like a model! I always tell others who ask why I do Boudoir sessions, “I did the first session as a gift to my husband, I continue to do them for myself and how fabulous I feel. My husband just reaps the perks and gets all these amazing images.” 
I was extremely nervous about my body and when a dear friend finally encouraged me to booked, I had no idea what you expect. I quickly learned my "body" reason was just an excuse holding me back. 
Coming into my first session, I don't think I spoke more than 5 words because of my nerves were in overdrive, but Eve guided me through outfit selection and choosing the hairstyle & make-up that highlighted my features. Once Eve began shooting,  all my nerves flew away; That's probably the reason I keep returning. There's nothing more amazing than having self confidence and I was honestly lacking it in my life. 
It's difficult to not praise Eve for the fabulous experience she provides during each session. She's always suggesting new and unique session ideas which always turn out phenomenal! I've shot in 15 degrees outside, in the beautiful country in the middle of a herd of horses and played with smoke bombs. The end results were even more incredible than the sessions themselves. I'm always blown away, but ours no surprise as Eve is truly an absolute artist! 
Thanks Eve for helping me to find more self-esteem, courage and ability to feel sexy as myself!!!