So many of my sessions have come from amazing referrals from clients like you. I love it! When I hear someone was referred by a past client it let's me know that I am succeeding with my mission. That mission is what you ask? To take over the world of course, not really, but I want every single person to have this experience and realize how god damn amazing they are! 

At my studio you are not a number, you become part of the Boudoir by Eve family from the first email, to the moment you walk out the door with your product I want you to have an experience like no other. One you can't just get anywhere. Every client helps to plan their session, whether it's in the studio, forest or a random dirt road in the middle of no where. I want each session to be unique and to truly let the clients personality shine through. I know by receiving so many referrals that method is working amazingly. 

So now it's time to reward you for those referrals!

I introduce to you Boudoir by Eve Loyalty rewards:

Loyalty rewards are simple, straight forward and is all about the rewarding you the loyal client! There are two parts to the rewards:

  • Receive a $100 credit towards a future session or product for each paying referral; and
  • Receive a complimentary 1 hour session (including hair and makeup) for every two paying referrals. 

And these stack! What does that mean to you? It means that if you refer two paying sessions to me, you will get a complimentary 1 hour session and $200 toward or a future session or product (that is a $499 VALUE)

When you come for your consultation at the studio make sure to ask about the rewards program, and if you were referred by anyone tell me there name! I love rewarding past and future clients and can't wait to see this rewards program get started!